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The Joel Palmer House Restaurant 

We are proud to have been part of updating the 1857 Joel Palmer House world class restaurant and historic home in Dayton Oregon.

This project was overseen by the talented Kyla from Vanillawood Design Build in Lake Oswego. With their help we were able to bring to life Chef Chris Czarnecki's vision for a high class and historically appropriate update that afforded a superb dining experience paired with high fidelity music and fully controllable lighting from Ketra.


Lights in the minds of most folks is a simple proposition. On, off dim.. When you open the door to understanding how light effects how our vision interprets every day or extraordinary objects you begin to appreciate how beautiful the world can be with the right lighting.


Not only does color effect how we see the world around us it also determines some of our moods and feelings. When we wake up our brains thirst for light that contains more bluish and cool coloration that wakes us up and energizes us. In the evening the more candle like light relaxes us and gets us prepared for rest.


Take that to the next level and slight differences in color with millions of  combinations allow colors to be seen in their true beauty. This is evident when looking at an exquisitely well plated Sturgeon marinated in cilantro and lime juice, with chanterelle mushrooms and served over curry quinoa & cayenne aioli. The colors are bright, vibrant and most notably delicious to the eyes. All while not taking away from the ambiance with overly colorful lighting that is gimmicky.


With Ketra and Lutron you are able to get more visual pleasure from every item in your home or business. Be it art, a beautiful rug, hardwood floors, stone counter tops or the furniture your interior designer so thoughtfully chose you can enjoy all of the colors man and nature has crafted for us to enjoy.


Take that next step and elevate the experience with music that is curated by the chef himself to create a dining experience that will leave a lasting memory and a craving for mushroom tart that even Nick Cage can not kick.. The icing on this proverbial cake is the simplicity in which the lights and music are controlled.


With Savant the servers or chef Chris himself can not only simply operate the system on the daily they can also build bespoke scenes that que the right music and lighting to take the diner through a culinary experience few if any have ever been fortunate to be a part of.

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