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Lighting Design

Why do I need lighting design?


Great question! Most homes are built with lighting layouts completed by architects or builders for minimum code compliance. Lighting layout may deliver an adequate quantity of light but usually a lower quality of light than lighting design. Lighting design–performed by our team of professional lighting designers–puts the right light in the right place at the right time, for you and your lifestyle.


Many homeowners are forced to choose a single temperature of white light and it can be extremely difficult and expensive to change later. That isn’t necessary anymore-our lighting design team can help you expand your range of light to be more in sync with the natural spectrum and to adapt to your changing needs.


Our lighting design team can help make your home more welcoming, more comfortable, and more relaxing. We can also help you navigate the tricky waters of changing technology to get a lighting solution that minimizes sleep disruption, and that can make every day better.

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